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Aesthetic Medicine





arrowTreatment of hand, feet and armpit hyperhidrosis

arrowRestylane Skinboosters

arrowMesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma for face and neck

arrowUpper eyelid surgery

Aesthetic medicine is not just about improving appearance or beauty treatments for the face and body. Aesthetic problems and the discomfort associated with them often have a negative effect on many other areas of life. They cause low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance, and have a negative impact on relationships with loved ones or partners. Lack of self-confidence not only poorly affects the quality of your private life, but also professional life. Aesthetic medicine is often the only way to deal with the actual problems and discomforts faced by many of us every day.


We perform medical and aesthetic dermatology procedures for skin correction, beautification and rejuvenation. Our offer is directed to people who appreciate professional advice, an individual approach and the possibility of treatment and therapy under the supervision of a dedicated – individually selected team of specialists in various fields.

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