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Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecological/obstetric consultation 300 zł
Prenatal ultrasound (I*, II, III trimester ultrasound) 350 zł
Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) - Nifty Plus, Nifty Pro (with evaluation by a gynecologist) 2 600 zł
CTG examination with doctor's assessment for patients undergoing pregnancy at the Center 100 zł
CTG examination with a doctor's assessment for patients not undergoing pregnancy at the Center 150 zł
Urogynecological consultation 300 zł
Urogynecological consultation with pessary placement 350 zł
Anti-Rh D immunoglobulin 450 zł
"VENISAFE” test for genetic predisposition to thrombosis 600 zł
A quick test to detect the run-off of fetal waters ActimProm 400 zł


Birth control

Insertion of hormonal contraceptive device - Mirena, Kyleena (IUD included in the price) 1500 zł
Insertion of hormonal contraceptive device - Levosert (IUD included in the price) 1300 zł
Insertion of Gynefix IUD (IUD included in the price) 1500 zł
Insertion of hormonal contraceptive device - Mirena, Kyleena (IUD included in the price) 600 zł
Placement of a contraceptive implant - Implanon NXT (implant included in the price) 1500 zł
IUD removal (during gynecological consultation) free


Medical procedures

HyFoSy (ultrasound-HSG) 1 000 zł
Endometrial biopsy ** 600 zł
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure of the cervix in local anaesthesia ** 1 500 zł
Removal of condylomas by electrocoagulation (price determined individually depending on the area and number of lesions, the price includes the cost of consultations) from 600 zł
Surgical removal of the lesion of the vulva / vagina ** 1 000 zł
Removal of endometriosis in the scar after cesarean section **  2 500 zł


* A first-trimester prenatal ultrasound includes an ultrasound and a risk calculation according to the FMF. Blood drawing and determination of PAPP-A and free B-HCG are additionally required to calculate risk. It is also possible to calculate the risk of preeclampsia - for this, an additional blood test - PlGF - must be performed. The price does not include laboratory tests, taken on site, paid separately according to the price list of the laboratory.

** The cost of cytological/histopathological examination (from 70 PLN for 1 cytological specimen and from 100 PLN for 1 histopathological specimen) depends on the number of specimens taken during the biopsy/excision of the lesion and on the number of tests ordered additionally by the histopathologist in order to make a correct histopathological diagnosis.