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Aesthetic gynecology

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Comfort and full self-acceptance in the intimate sphere is extremely important for every woman. It allows you to fully enjoy your own appearance and maintain full performance and satisfaction with your sex life. Specialists in gynecology and aesthetic gynecology with extremely rich experience and medical expertise will surround you with the best care in our Center. We offer professional pre- and post-operative gynecological counseling and consultation.


There are many problems with intimate areas of the body that can be addressed and resolved by aesthetic gynecology. These are often due to a woman's age and natural aging processes. The tissues, muscles, and skin of the intimate areas lose tension and elasticity, disrupting the appearance and statics of the genitals. Frequent reasons for visiting a specialist in the field of aesthetic gynecology include past pregnancies, injuries, diseases or surgeries that have significantly affected the aesthetics and structure of a woman's intimate areas.


With aesthetic gynecology procedures, patients can regain their self-confidence, improve their daily psychological comfort, and regain their sense of beauty and femininity.

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