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Oncological Surgery

We offer the highest quality and the latest medical knowledge in oncologic surgery diagnosis, treatment and procedures. Our specialists will comprehensively deal with the appropriate diagnostics, selection of the treatment method and perform the procedure of removing the tumor or cancerous lesion, efficiently and with the least possible invasiveness.


Surgery to remove the tumor is a key step in successful cancer treatment. It significantly inhibits, and in many cases can lead to a complete cure for the patient. The surgical procedure should be accompanied by expert and individual counseling and support from a medical professional, at every stage of the fight against the disease. Adequate preparation for the procedure, its conduct, as well as recovery and post-operative care ensure the quality of oncology care you will find at our Tartaczna 2 Medical Center. You can trust the team of specialists who will devote the appropriate amount of time to your case, ensure the right treatment method selection – based on the latest medical oncological knowledge, and demonstrate the right level of empathy and commitment to each individual disease case.


At Tartaczna 2 Medical Center, we deal with diagnostics and oncological surgery of neoplastic lesions and tumors such as that of skin cancer (melanoma, sarcoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, spinocellular carcinoma, papillary carcinoma, Merkel cell neuroendocrine carcinoma)


We also offer removal of nevi of a precancerous nature or those possibly conducive to skin cancer (warts, scars, keratoses, burns)

We are proficient at thin- and thick-needle biopsy

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